Tennis Sydney
2018 Compass Singles Tournament

Date & times:
Sunday, June 17

Parramatta City Tennis Centre
Jeffery Reserve, Barton Street, North Parramatta, 2151

$45 per player

Entry Deadline:
Monday June 11 (unless filled earlier)

Withdrawal Deadline: 
Wednesday June 13 

Tournament Format:


  • All players start in a main draw of 64, which is the East draw.
  • A player simply moves into a new bracket when they lose a match.
  • In Round 1, winning players stay in the East bracket and losing players move into the West bracket.
  • In Round 2, winning players in the East bracket stay in the East bracket, while losing players in the East bracket move into the North bracket. Similarly, winning players in the West bracket stay in the West bracket, while losing players in the West bracket move into the South bracket.
  • This process continues in rounds 3 and 4 where losing players can be moved into the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast or Southwest brackets.
  • The Champion of the East draw is the overall winner of the tournament, having remained undefeated throughout the tournament.

Match Format:

  • All matches will be a single set, first to 6 games, Short deuce (sudden death point upon reaching 2nd deuce), Standard tiebreak at 5-5 (first to 7 by 2 points).
  • Warm ups are limited to 5 minutes only to ensure we complete all matches.


  • All matches will be played with Slazenger balls.
  • All balls must be returned to the tournament desk.

Attire & shoes:

  • Proper tennis shoes and attire are required when on court.

Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Avoid disturbing other matches.
  • Players shall not engage in unsporting conduct.
  • A player is not allowed to receive coaching during a match.
  • Do not enlist the aid of spectators in making line calls.
  • Wait until players on another court have completed a point before retrieving or returning a ball.

Unforeseen delays:
In the case of unforeseen delays or rain, the Tournament Director and Tennis Sydney Committee may decide to shorten matches. This will be announced prior to the match.

Tournament Entry:
This tournament is open to club members only. 

For any enquiries, please email the Tournament Director at


Registration for this event has sold out or ended.