Welcome to the new Tennis Sydney website.

We are excited to be able to share this new experience with you.

The Committee has been working on this project since 2015. The previous website was built using the Joomla platform which has become outdated and unsupported in recent years. As a result this has caused considerable issues for administrators and users alike. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the Joomla platform was just not keeping up with the modern digital age.

As a result of the website upgrade, all existing members will need to update their passwords. We apologise for the inconvenience. Unfortunately encrypted data can not be migrated across for security reasons. We thank you for your understanding.

What’s new? 

  • Refined functionality and a brand new look and experience.
  • Designed to work responsively across all devices from your mobile phone to your desktop computer.
  • Custom theme built using the WordPress platform.
  • Easier registration process for club midweek competitions and tournaments through the website with PayPal integration.
  • Exclusive video and dynamic content.


A huge thanks to the team who have dedicated their time and efforts.

  • Website design by Jon Zhu
  • Development & build by Macadamia Digital
  • Photography courtesy of Duddy Apriadi
  • Digital video content by Andrew Soo
  • Big thanks to Byron Watson, Michael Wilton, Cameron King, Damien O’Brien, Evan Knowles, Chul Kim, Rob Ward, Josef Garrington and Oscar Modesto for all of their contributions