Tennis Sydney
2019 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade Entry

Date & times:
Saturday, March 2

Hello Tennis Sydney Members & aspiring Float Participants

After more than 30 years, Tennis Sydney is getting its own float in the 2019 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.
Well getting it is not really true; no one is giving us a float, we have to build it and make it happen!!


And no small float this will be. Tennis Sydney has been given the challenge of replacing last years Best Dance Troupe Runners-Up float, Sydney Rangers.
We have been given up to 80 places which will make ours one of the largest floats in the Parade.


The theme is a blend of AGLO 30 years, and show business. The float will comprise of a large lead float truck, followed by 48 flag waving performers, then a posse of players playing tennis on the street and interacting with the crowd.
The music will be a looped version of This is Me, from The Greatest Showman.
Alberto has been working on the flag waving routine, and we will commence practice later in December.


Want to be involved?

There are a number of ways, you can be involved in the float.
The 4 options are as follows:


1. In the flag flying troupe & you get to keep the flag. $75.00
2. On the truck as a dancer, either as yourself or in persona. $75.00
3. As a tennis player, hitting foam tennis balls. $50.00
4. As part of the fun crew, interacting with the crowd, running water etc. $50.00

Purchase your Entry ticket, by using the Registration link below.



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