The Tennis Sydney Player Code of Conduct is intended to outline appropriate behaviour by all Tennis Sydney Members at social, competition and tournament tennis events, and give Tennis Sydney structure around how to deal with issues relating to formal complaints by Club Members about other Club or Committee Members, including the correct channels to make complaints.

Members contravening the Player Code of Conduct will face a review and disciplinary process, with the possibility of exclusion from Tennis Sydney as the final outcome.

Tennis Sydney will not tolerate any form of discrimination, whether it is based on race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, gender or cultural background.  Any formal complaints made of this nature will be taken seriously, and dealt with under the Player Code of Conduct.

All actions by Club Members (including Committee Members) should reinforce the Club’s charter of inclusion, self-expression, fair go, and to provide a ‘safe place’ for LGBTI players and supporters who live in Sydney, as well as for those who we welcome from around Australia and the world. Tennis Sydney is not an exclusively LGBTI Club, and warmly welcomes players and supporters from all walks of life to join in our events.

Tennis Sydney Committee Members are volunteers, and will, to the best of their ability, make decisions for the Club based on the best possible outcomes for all Members.


Tennis Sydney Player Code of Conduct

Tennis Sydney aims to provide a positive sporting environment for the benefit of players and supporters. The Tennis Sydney Committee and Members will aim to provide for the health, welfare and well-being of its players and supporters at all times.

All Members, players, officials and supporters participating in any Tennis Sydney event including tournaments, competitions and social play have a responsibility at all times when playing at or representing Tennis Sydney to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, consistent with the Code of Conduct below. Abusive language or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Tennis Sydney Members, players and supporters agree to:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every player regardless of their race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, gender or cultural background.
  • Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with players
  • Never condone rule violations, rough play or the use of prohibitive substances
  • Display consistently high standards of positive behaviour and appearance and not use abusive language
  • Consider the safety and well-being of players at all times
  • Promote fair play and participation and not a ‘win at all costs’ approach
  • Always respect the official’s decision and support them to carry out their role
  • Follow all guidelines of the State body, Tennis NSW, of which Tennis Sydney is a Member
  • Adhere to the rules and etiquette of Tennis NSW/ Tennis Australia for non-umpired matches found HERE
  • Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility.