We hold two Compass Tournaments each year – singles (mid year) and doubles (end of year).

But what exactly is a Compass draw and how does it work?

  • It is a tennis tournament draw that is divided up into 8 brackets, each bracket representing a point on a compass (i.e., North, South, North-East, etc.).
  • All players start in a main draw of 64, which is the East draw.
  • A player simply moves into a new bracket when they lose a match.
  • In Round 1, winning players stay in the East bracket and losing players move into the West bracket.
  • In Round 2, winning players in the East bracket stay in the East bracket, while losing players in the East bracket move into the North bracket. Similarly, winning players in the West bracket stay in the West bracket, while losing players in the West bracket move into the South bracket.
  • This process continues in rounds 3 and 4 where losing players can be moved into the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, or Southwest brackets.
  • The champion of the East draw is the overall winner of the tournament, having remained undefeated throughout the tournament.