Grading system
Players are graded depending on their standard.
Grading will be completed by a Tennis Sydney committee member where possible. There is no scientific method for grading! It is based on the graders opinion of how your game compares to our other members. As you improve you can request for a colour upgrade.

Colour Skill Level
Red Advanced proficiency in all aspects of tennis, is very consistent on all strokes
Orange High level of proficiency, areas of development required for some strokes
Yellow Intermediate level of proficiency, can strike a ball with some consistency
Green Average striker of the ball, lacks consistency
Blue Beginner player with a passion for tennis, needing considerable development

Peg system
A peg will be created for you with your name and grade colour on it. 

Structure of the day
Play commences at 12 pm and concludes at 5 pm. Come and go as you please. When play commences, the committee member running the day will call the first player whose peg is on the hanger to choose three other players to go on court with them. The general rule is for players to choose players who are the same level/colour as them or one grade/colour above or below. This rule may not always be able to be adhered too. It is a guideline.

On court
Players will go onto their allocated court where a five minute warm up is allowed for the first set of each player. If all players have already played then commence play straight away. Each player will serve twice for a total of eight games. Upon completion players return to the common area where their pegs will be returned to the hanger. Players wait until their name is called again to go back onto court.

Players can take a break at any time during the day. Simply take your peg and place it on top of the hanger until you are ready to go back on court. When you are ready to recommence play, place your peg at the end of the queue on the bottom of the hanger.