Tennis Sydney
Midweek Winter Comp


Welcome to the Tennis Sydney Winter Swingers Competition. We hope that you have fun and get lots of great tennis during the comp. We ask you to keep in mind that, while this is a competition, it is also a social occasion for our members to renew friendships and make new ones, as well as an opportunity to enjoy organised tennis in a safe and relaxed environment.

All competitors must be current members of Tennis Sydney. Membership cost is $50 per annum. All players are bound by the Rules and Regulations as laid down by the committee of Tennis Sydney Inc. To become a member, please click here.


Each player must familiarise themselves with their rights and responsibilities by reading the:
1. Competition Draw
2. Competition Rules
3. Tennis Sydney Player Code of Conduct


2 courts are allocated for each division, with 8 players per division.

The competition runs for 7 weeks (one week allocated for a wash out), with 7 matches allocated per player.
Each team will play 3 sets (first to 6 games with a tiebreaker at 5-5) each night as per the draw.
You have a maximum 2 hours to complete the 3 sets.

Each week you will be paired with a different partner.

Short deuce: Sudden death point will be played on the 2nd deuce from the start of play. The receiving team is to select the forehand or backhand court for the sudden death deuce point.

If a set is not completed before the lights at the venue are turned off, both teams will be awarded the games they have won up to that point and no more. If a set is not started, the teams will be awarded nil points.

If a division is routinely not completing their sets the committee reserves the right to implement shorter sets in subsequent rounds.

Order of Play

Each week, individuals will be teamed up with their partner for that week as per the Competition Draw. The order of play will be as follows:


First Court Second Court
1st Matches 1v2 3v4
2nd Matches 1v3 2v4
3rd Matches 1v4 2v3


There will be no finals for this competition, first place and runner up will be determined by the cumulative number of games won over the course of the whole comp. In the event of a tie, the player with the better game win/loss ratio will be deemed the higher placed player.

Trophy presentations will be made on the night at the completion of all the division finals.

Start and Finish Times

Due to the nature of the competition, all players must be present to immediately commence at 7:30pm sharp. Warm up time allocated is 7 minutes with matches starting at 7:37pm to allow for completion of all sets. There is to be no time allocated between sets to warm up.

If players arrive later than 7:37pm then for each 5 minutes late, a game will be deducted from the late player(s) at the end of the night. This will not affect the partners of the late player.

Play is to immediately cease at 9.30pm, we have only booked the courts until then. Whatever the game score is in the set at this time will be recorded as such and deemed as the final result.



All divisions will be playing on Thursday nights at Parklands Tennis Centre. Please note that there is limited parking at the venue.


As with all competitions, for the Winter Swingers comp we have attempted to grade players as fairly as possible, based on recent results and also taking into consideration the skills of the new players (where known). If you have concerns with the division into which you have been put, or if you have concerns that someone else within your division would be better placed in a different division, please feel free to discuss this discreetly with your division captain.

While it is most likely that a change will not be made for this particular competition, your views will be taken into account for future competitions, along with the competition results. Re-grading occurs at the start of every night competition so no one is perpetually assigned to a particular division.


The winning player(s) in the competition in all divisions may be upgraded to the next division depending on the numbers and standard of players entering the next competition. Likewise, the player(s) that finish on the bottom of the ladder may be regraded. This is at the discretion of the Tennis Sydney Committee.

Division Captains

Captains shall be responsible for running their division throughout the competition. Any disputes will be dealt with by the division captain. If the dispute cannot be resolved, it shall be referred to Tennis Sydney committee, which for the purposes of this competition, will consist of the relevant division captain, the competition coordinator and the Tennis Sydney president.
If you have any questions relating to the competition, please see your division captain in the first instance.


There are some new players who will be competing with us for the first time. Please make them feel welcome and let’s make their entry into midweek competition a great experience.
It is important for each and every one of us to play in a sportsmanlike manner and to treat our captains, opponents and partners with respect. The Committee is serious about addressing inappropriate behaviour.

Line Calls

It is the responsibility of the player playing the ball to make the call on whether it is in or out.
If in doubt about a call do NOT call out – play on. You should not call out unless you can clearly see it as out.

If disputes are ongoing then any one of the players has the option of calling the division captain to raise a dispute. Escalated disputes will be referred to the division captain, and failing resolution of the issue, to the Tennis Sydney committee.
Please remember that if the ball is 99% out it is 100% in!

Rain and rescheduling
In the event of rain, you will be notified via text message from your division captain if play has been cancelled for the evening. The division captain will attempt to notify all players as soon as possible if a decision has been made to cancel the night’s play. If you do not hear from your division captain you are to assume that play will proceed.

If play is possible you must make every endeavour to turn up or risk forfeiting games. If you do not attend because you thought play was going to be cancelled, but play is possible, you will not receive any points for the night.
If it rains after play has commenced then the division captain will make a decision on play as necessitates. This includes deciding whether already played sets will stand and the remainder will be replayed OR teams will receive at least 3 games for unplayed or unfinished sets.
In the event that an entire night’s play is washed out then that week’s round shall be replayed at the end of the round robin.

There has been 1 week allocated for rain washouts in the comp, and if this is not used, then it will act as a social tennis event to occur after the last week of the comp.

Substitutes – Short absences
If you are unable to play you must notify your division captain as soon as possible as it can be difficult to organise a substitute at short notice. The division captain will be responsible for finding a suitable substitute.

Generally speaking, it is unlikely that any substitute will be of a higher standard than the person they are substituting for, as this could present an unfair advantage to the person unable to play. If a substitute cannot be found on the night, the person who cannot play will not receive any points on the night. The person who was scheduled to be your partner for the night’s play will receive the maximum 3 sets / 24 games if a substitute cannot be found.

If you have a substitute playing for you, you will receive the score they obtain on the night for the first 2 occasions. If you use a substitute more than twice, you will score the minimum score that was obtained in your division on the night for each further night that you require a substitute. This ensures that players who are frequently unable to play are not unfairly advantaged by regularly having substitutes play for them.

Replacements – Long absence due to unforeseen circumstances
On rare occasions, either due to serious injury or unforeseen circumstances, a player may not be able to complete the competition. In these exceptional cases a replacement player will be found by the competition coordinator to take over for the remainder of the competition without incurring the substitution penalty.

Thank you for entering the comp, and we wish everyone all the best! Please remember to play well, be fair and have fun!