Tennis Sydney runs three multidivisional midweek competitions throughout the year, catering for a range of standards. Divisions range from beginner and novice level, through to intermediate and advanced. 

Our mid-week comps are held on a Thursday night at a variety of inner city locations including: Parklands Sports Centre, Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park Tennis Centre and Camperdown Tennis.

Amazon women’s comps run on Mondays at Cintra Park at Concord.

On Sundays we are participating in the Eastern Suburbs Tennis Competition which is being played across clubs in the eastern suburbs.

For competition details and registration announcements follow our Facebook page  and check the news section. Our event calendar will also keep you up to date with all tournaments and competitions. 

You can find more information on each competition below or send us an email


Midweek Competitions

Summer Comp
Feb – Mar/Apr

  • Bring Your Own Partner Format – Sign up with your own partner
  • 1 x Doubles & 2 x Singles Sets (per player each week)
  • 9 week duration (plus two additional weeks for the semi-final & final)

Winter Comp
May/June – July/August

  • Swingers Format – Play with a different partner each week and tally your own score
  • 3 x Doubles Sets (per player each week)
  • 9 week duration (plus one additional week for the final)

Spring Comp
Sept/Oct – Nov/Dec

  • Singles ladder comp
  • 3 sets of Singles against 3 players
  • 10 week duration (plus one additional weeks for the semi-final & final)

Amazon Tennis Women’s Comp

  • 3 x Doubles Sets (per player each week)
  • 10 week duration (plus one additional week for the final)
  • For more details, please contact us via our Facebook page, Amazon Women’s Tennis

Eastern Suburbs Tennis Competition

Played across Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the Eastern Suburbs Tennis Association Competition (ESTA Comp) is played on Sundays starting from 8:00 am at different ESTA member clubs. While competitive, the competition contains many grades to cater to all playing standards.

Each grade consists of 6 – 8 teams that play 2 singles and 2 doubles sets, with each team playing twice against each other each season in a round robin. The top four teams go through to the semi-finals, followed by finals held at the end of the season. The ESTA Comp is unisex, so teams can be mixed, with both men and women in a single team.

To join a Tennis Sydney Sunday ESTA Comp team, please get in touch.


Please note all information provided above are a general guide and details may change.