Summer Midweek Comp is here!

Entry to 2019 Summer Competition is now open to all Members. Come and test your skill in the Sydney Summer of Tennis with an all round singles/doubles format.

A maximum of 36 team spots are available for this comp so please enter as soon as possible.

Competition Details:

Start Date:Thursday 21st February, 2019
End Date (subject to any rain delays): Thursday 9th May, 2019
Duration: 9 weeks (plus 2 weeks for finals)
Format: 1 doubles and 2 singles matches per player (5 sets per team)
Partner: Choose your own or have one allocated
Cost: $180

Competition Format 

Each Thursday night you will play with the same partner. You will play against a different pair each week until you have played all of the pairs in your division. Each night the format will commence with a doubles set, followed by four sets of singles, namely the respective first named player in each team will play each other in singles which is followed by the respective second named team members playing each other. Then the winner of the first singles match will play the winner of the second singles match, and then the remaining singles match is played between the respective losers of the first two singles match. This means that each week each person will play 1 set of doubles and 2 set of singles.

One team will be on a bye each week.


The semis shall be 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 with the winners competing in the final the following week. The winner of the semis and the final will be determined by games won, followed by sets won.

All competitors must be current members of Tennis Sydney. Membership costs $50 a year and entitles you to the insurance cover which is required at all the tennis centres that we play at as well as discounts for Sunday Social, newsletters, discounts from our sponsors and the ability to enter all Tennis Sydney competitions and tournaments for the calendar year.

Closing Date/Commencement

Entries will be accepted on a “first in, first served” basis. Entries will close at 6pm on Sunday 17th February 2019. A valid entry consists of both players in a team signed up and paid by the closing date. We plan to start on the 7th of February. Please be aware that rainouts may push the competition end date.

For further information please email


Registration for this event has sold out or ended.