Welcome to the Tennis Sydney Winter Swingers Competition. We hope that you have fun and get lots of great tennis during the comp. We ask you to keep in mind that, while this is a competition, it is also a social occasion for our members to renew friendships and make new ones, as well as an opportunity to enjoy organised tennis in a safe and relaxed environment.

When: starts Thursday 4 July 2019, 7.30pm (9 weeks)
Venue: Parklands Tennis Centre. Please note that there is limited parking at the venue
Format: Doubles


The winter comp is a doubles competition. Each week you will be paired with a different partner.
2 courts are allocated for each division, with 9 players per division.
The competition runs for 9 weeks, with 8 matches and 1 bye allocated per player.
Each team will play 3 pro-sets (first to 8 games with a tiebreaker at 7-7) each night as per the draw.

Short deuce: Sudden death point will be played on the 2nd deuce from the start of play. The receiving team is to select the forehand or backhand court for the sudden death deuce point.

Start and Finish Time
Due to the nature of the competition, all players must be present to immediately commence at 7:30pm sharp. Warm up time allocated is 7 minutes with matches starting at 7:37pm to allow for completion of all pro-sets. There is to be no time allocated between sets to warm up.

Time penalty
If players arrive later than 7:37pm then for each 5 minutes late, a game will be deducted from the late player(s) at the end of the night. This will not affect the partners of the later players.

Play is to immediately cease at 10pm, we have only booked the courts until then. Whatever the game score is in the set at this time will be recorded as such and deemed as the final result

There will be no finals for this competition, first place and runner up will be determined by the cumulative number of games won over the course of the whole comp. In the event of a tie, the player with the better game win/loss ratio will be deemed the higher placed player.
Trophy presentations will be made on the night at the completion of all the division finals

All competitors must be current members of Tennis Sydney. Membership costs $50 a year and entitles you to the insurance cover which is required at all the tennis centres that we play at.

Winter Comp Final Scores 2019


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