The Midweek Spring Comp follows the ‘weighted doubles’ format. This means that in each division the highest graded player will be matched with the lowest graded player, the second highest with the second lowest and so on. The ‘weighting’ attempts to make for a more even standard across the divisions.

Competition Format 

You and your partner will play a total of 4 sets. Two doubles sets and one singles set per player.

Match Format

Each set shall be first to 6 with a tie-break at 5-5. Sudden death on the 2nd deuce will be played in all games from the start of play.

All competitors must be current members of Tennis Sydney. Membership costs $50 a year and entitles you to the insurance cover which is required at all the tennis centres that we play at as well as discounts for Sunday Social, newsletters, discounts from our sponsors and the ability to enter all Tennis Sydney competitions and tournaments for the calendar year.


Registration for this event has sold out or ended.