Everybody's shuffeling

Over the past two months we had 49 competitors battling it out in a new form of singles-only competition. The competition combined people together of all different ability levels, and made them fight to progress into more advanced groups or even stay within their current group. Players played 6 matches each fortnight in a round robin, where the top 2 players of each group advanced, and the bottom 2 players were demoted.

What started out as quite mixed groups, got to see many people playing those who they’d never normally get the chance to play. There were also players of a similar standard who got to renew their rivalries and play each other two or three times over the course of the competition.

The different levels and matches we saw were really encouraging with lots of hard fought competition and many close matches across all divisions! We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and hope you enjoyed this new style of competition. Additionally, thank you to those who stepped in to participate in place of those players who had to drop out of the competition, and to all our substitute players.

Overall after all the dust (and smoke) settled, we had the following winners across four main divisions –

Divison 1
Winner: Pedro
Runner-up: Tommy

Divison 2
Winner: Dwayne
Runner-up: David M

Divison 3
Winner: Brandon
Runner-up: Stephen

Divison 4
Winner: Gerald
Runner-up: Nico

Congratulations to all of our finalists!

As this was a new format of competition, we’d like to hear players’ feedback (both positive and negative) so we can aim to improve the competition in future iterations. So please let us know if you liked the format, if you didn’t like it, why or why not.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year.