Happy 21st year of mid-week competition

Craig moved to Sydney in 1995 and decided to start up a night competition, canvassing 8 players for the initial tour. Owen Gallagher got wind of the idea and decided to organise another 8 players and so the Virginia Slims Thursday night competition was born with 16 players.  Many of the original tour players are pictured below.

Initially the competitions were run independently of Tennis Sydney by Craig. However, it quickly became a popular event and soon after Peter Deacon from Tennis Sydney suggested to Craig that he come onto the Committee and run it under the auspices of Tennis Sydney. And so it became a formal Tennis Sydney event which has continued to grow in numbers over the years with some competitions hosting more than 80 players. These mid-week seasonal competitions are staple events of the Tennis Sydney calendar and continue to attract new and returning players each season.

Craig continued to run the night competition for 10 years before deciding to take a break, whereupon he handed over the reins to Brendan Moore. Craig was inducted into the Tennis Sydney Hall of Fame in 2002.

Thank you Craig for bringing your passion and enthusiasm for the game to Tennis Sydney; many Members today have only ever known the Club through mid-week competition. Thank you also to all the Competition Coordinators, division captains and players over the last 21 years who have participated in the comps and help build Tennis Sydney into the great Club it is today.

We will be celebrating this milestone in the Club’s history with a special presentation on Saturday 15 August from 6pm, at the Parkview Hotel Alexandria, cnr Mitchell Road and Harley Street, Alexandria.

To RSVP, and help us with our planning, please email info@tennissydney.org.au no later than Wednesday 12 August 2015. We extend a special invite to the original 1995 tour players to be there.


The Tennis Sydney Committee

Pictured below are some of the players from the original Virginia Slims tour 1995.