Brendan Moore


Brendan arrived in Australia in 1988 from his native Ireland. He first played tennis in 1995 and joined Tennis Sydney in 1998. He was elected to the Committee in 2004 where he took on the role of Membership Coordinator until 2006. From 2006-2008 he moved to a new role as Competition Coordinator for the Club. He was President from 2009-2015.

Brendan has contributed an enormous amount of time and energy to Tennis Sydney over 11 years, not the least in being the Club’s ‘unofficial’ driver/courier/delivery van in arranging and transporting everything from trophies, balls, and other supplies that ensure our mid-week competitions, tournaments and doubles days run smoothly and to great success. He was always among one of the first to arrive at a venue to set-up and among the last to leave.

He, along with the Treasurer, has administered the finances of the Club ensuring the continued growth and stability of Tennis Sydney. Brendan also represented the Club at Team Sydney Sports Council meetings and was our representative for Tennis Sydney membership and participation to Tennis NSW, Mardi Gras and GLISA. For several years he coordinated the Club’s participation at Fair Day and has been instrumental in negotiating the Club’s insurance and free player personal accident insurance through Tennis NSW.

For his sustained leadership and exceptional contribution to the administration and operations of Tennis Sydney, Brendan was inducted into the Tennis Sydney ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2013 by Leanne Spencer.