2015 Hard Court Doubles Tournament – Sunday 17 May

Who: Tennis Sydney / Amazon Tennis Members only. So sign-up/renew if you are not already an active member

Divisions: 4 divisions, each consisting of 2 groups of 5 teams

Tournament Type: Round Robin

Surface: Plexicushion

Balls: Slazenger

Set Format: Within each group, each team will play 4 matches of 1 standard set, first to 6 with a standard tiebreak at 5-5. first to 7 by 2 (no sudden death point). The winner of each group will advance to their division final.

Court allocation: As we have 8 groups and 8 courts, each group will be dedicated a single court. Court allocation will be decided by lucky draw prior to commencement of the tournament.

Order of play: As each group has a dedicated court, play can be self-managed by adhering to the following order of play.

9:00 am start – 1 vs 2  followed by, 3 vs 4, 1 vs 5, 2 vs 3, 4 vs 5, 1 vs 3, 2 vs 4, 3 vs 5, 1 vs 4, 2 vs 5, then finals (winners of group A vs group B) at approximately 4pm. The runners-up of each group will advance to a 3rd/4th playoff

Group Names: We will honour some famous US Open Men’s & Women’s Singles Winners from the 1920’s, 30’s 40’s as follows –
Bill Tilden, Fred Perry, Don Budge, Pancho Gonzales, Molla Bjurstedt Mallory, Helen Wills Moody, Helen Jacobs and Pauline Betz.

ENTRY and the regulations is available HERE

Looking forward to a great day,

Tennis Sydney/Amazon Tennis Committee

Waiver of Liability
By participating at the 2015 Hard Court Doubles Tournament and related activities & events, participants agree to waive any & all rights & claims for bodily or emotional injury, injury to their reputation, or any other damage or harms that they might suffer, or any other claims of any nature they or their legal representatives may have against Tennis Sydney, the GLTA & its officers, all tournament sites, tournament sponsors, or any organisation, facility or individual associated with this tournament & the related activities & events. Participants agree to participate at their own risk & the above organisations, facilities, & individuals will not be responsible for any harm, injury or damage that they might suffer. They also release & waive any & all rights to claim damages or remuneration which may arise as a result of references to, photographs, images or likenesses of them which may appear in any publication or other media coverage.