GLTA - What Grade Am I ?

The ranking points players received from Peter Deacon Spring Tournament are now published HERE.

Please get to know what GLTA grade you are. You can find our your GLTA grade by searching under tournament entry ranking on GLTA site HERE

It’s important when entering AGLO tournament (or any other GLTA tournament)  you enter the correct grade.
You can NOT enter a tournament at a grade lower than your GLTA ranking.
While we encourage you to enter your GLTA grade it is possible to enter a higher grade but this is subject to Tournament Directors discretion and availability in the higher grade i.e. If the higher grade fills up you may be moved down to your GLTA grade.
Pitfalls to watch out for:
*** If you play a higher grade its possible you may come up against a weaker player 1st  round and win. This may give you too many points to return to your normal grade. At the time it might seem like a good idea to play higher but many players later decide to return to their proper grade and complain when told they cannot. So please enter your events wisely.
***  Your GLTA grade cannot be more than 1 grade difference between singles and doubles.