Amazon Competition Rules


Division 1: A & B Grade
Division 2: B Grade
Division 3: C Grade

* Note: There may only be one grade depending on numbers. Divisions can also be expanded to three (3) divisions depending on each season’s competition. 

Each team will consist of two (2) players of equal or similar standard. You’ll be asked to come up with a team name.

3 standard sets of doubles with short deuce and tie break at 6 all.


  • General competition for points.
  • Semi finals for the top four teams.
  • Finals for the top two teams.
  • 3 standard sets of doubles with short deuce (sudden death at 2nd deuce).


  • 1 point per set won. Please record scores on the tally sheet after your match.
  • Maximum points (3) are awarded to the opponents of the forfeiting team.
  • If there are any ties leading into the semifinals, the team with the highest percentage of games won will prevail. Make every game count!
  • Rainy days: If rain disrupts after play has commenced, incomplete sets will be split evenly. For matches that cannot have their rained out games be played in the extended weeks of the competition season, 1.5 points each will be awarded. [Note: An additional 2 weeks is always counted for at the end of the tennis season in case of rain.]

Medals for the winners and runner-up.


  •  The server should call out the score before each point is played.
  • It is the responsibility of the player playing the ball to make the call.
  • Be fair and honest when making line calls. If the ball touches ANY part of the line, it is in.

 Remember: If you are only 99% sure the ball is OUT, then it is 100% IN! 

  • A player must NOT reach over the net to hit the ball. Contact with the ball MUST be made on your side of the court or the point is lost.
  • If a player touches the net at any time, the point is automatically lost.


  1. Comp starts at 7:30pm sharp, please arrive at 7:20 to warm up for 5 minutes before play commences. Point loss and game penalties will apply if you are late.
  2. The winner of a toss (Team 1) choose if they want to serve or receive, whilst Team 2 choose the ends. 
  3. Balls to be collected at the beginning of the night and are to be returned to the locker together with set scores at the end of the night.
  4. Any disputes are to be taken to the Competition Manager, whose decision shall be final and binding.
  5. Forfeiting – If a team forfeits a match, they are required to inform their opponents and Cintra Park at least 24hrs prior to the match. 
  6. Semis & finals – If one person in your team is unavailable for the semis or final then you must find a reserve from either the comp or the current reserves list. The same two people must play in the semis & final, otherwise you must forfeit. If a team forfeits the finals then the team they played in the semis will take their place. 
  7. Wet weather: The Comp Manager will make a final call on playability. If cancelled, a text message will be made to all players (but NOT reserves) and there will be a post on Facebook.


The rules state that reserves need to be an active member of the club to play.


  • Players are responsible for finding their own reserves of equal or similar ability.
  • Reserves must be active (financial) members of Amazon Tennis.
  • Reserves must be available to play for the majority of the season.


If you must forfeit your scheduled match, please inform your opponents and the Comp Manager by Sunday at 7:00pm.

As the courts are now all pre-paid, there will be no refunds. The only exception will be an injury that has meant you cant play for the remainder of the season. However, we do have some suggestions about how the courts can be utilised in event of a team forfeit.
Option 1:
The team who did not forfeit, can still turn up to play singles against each other.
Option 2:
If the courts are cancelled at least 24 hours before of the match, you can then reschedule your match to another time. Either to another day or if we do not use up the rain extension weeks, it can be used for forfeited matches. There will be no extra payment for this re-match. This way, no one loses out on the pre-payment of the court money.
We hope you understand why we have these rules in place and our suggestions aim to make it fair for everybody.