Sunday Social Concession Scheme

Sunday Social Concession Scheme

The concession scheme was introduced to address a situation whereby some Members were unable to continue to come to Sunday Social due to financial hardship.  At the April 2014 Tennis Sydney Committee Meeting the Committee discussed the concession scheme currently offered with a view to:

1. Ensure the scheme, and how it is administered, is understood by members.

2. Ensure that the scheme is applied fairly;

3. Improving communication about the scheme; and

4. Improving the process of applying for a concession.

Who is eligible for a concession?

You are eligible for a concession if you are in receipt of a Health Care Card, Low Income Health Care Card or a Pensioner Concession Card (“HCC/PCC”).

How to apply for a concession

The Committee has decided on the following process for assessing and approving a claim for a concession rate at Sunday Social:

a) A Member wishing to apply for a concession can scan and email a copy of their HCC or PCC to: info@tennissydney.org.au


b) Provide a copy of your HCC or PCC to the organiser of Social Tennis on a Sunday.

Those Members claiming a concession will have their name noted in the Sunday Social book for that year, which enables the person running tennis on any given Sunday to check who is claiming a concession without having to ask the Member when they pay for tennis.

This process will ensure the privacy of Members and means you only have to claim the concession once for the year.

At the beginning of each year you will be asked to provide an up-to-date copy of your If you have any questions regarding the concession scheme, please contact the Committee at info@tennissydney.org.au.