Compass Singles – Sunday 6 July – Parramatta

Who: Tennis Sydney / Amazon Tennis Members only. Please ensure your Membership is up to date.

What: Compass Singles Tournament

When: 8.00am – 5.00pm, Sunday, 6th July 2014

Where: Parramatta City Tennis, Jeffery Reserve, Barton Street, North Parramatta (refer map below)

Cost: $25 per player ( $2.00 from every entry will go toward our charity fundraising for the year.)

Draw size: Strictly 64 players, on a first-in and paid, basis.

ENTRIES OPEN: Entry is open via the GLTA site only. Payment by Paypal or credit card.

Balls: Slazenger

Set format: Single set, first to 6 games, (Short deuce, sudden death point upon reaching 2nd deuce) Standard tiebreak at 5-5, first to 7 by 2 (no sudden death point).

For those new to a compass draw, following is a brief description of how it works.

All players start in one single draw, ranked 1-64, “the EAST” draw. In round one, seeded player 1 plays 64, 2 plays 63 etc. After round 1, the draw is split, winners remain in the EAST draw, non-winners move to the next draw (WEST). Then we play again, 1 plays 32, 2 plays 31, etc, in East. In the newly created WEST draw, player 33 plays 64, 34 plays 63 etc. The draw keeps splitting (winners one way, non-winners another) for 3 more rounds, until there is 8 separate draws, E, NE, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE. (hence a Compass)



If there are no walkovers/withdrawals, every player is guaranteed 4 sets. If you make the semi of your [8th of the] draw, you will play 5 sets, and if you make the final, you will play 6 sets.

Ultimate glory goes to the EAST winner (who is undefeated) and to the EAST runner-up (who has lost only to the EAST winner). Tournament ranking continues from EAST (ranks 1-8) anti clockwise through NORTHEAST (ranks 9-16), NORTH (ranks 17-24), NORTHWEST (ranks 25-32), WEST (rank 33-40), SOUTHWEST (ranks 41-48), SOUTH (ranks 49-56), then finally at SOUTHEAST.(ranks 57-64).


If you have any questions, please contact me at tournament@tennissydney.org.au or 0416 772540


Paul Burns
Tournament Director