2014 Club Doubles - Clay Tournament Results

Thank you to the committee for organising the event and especially to Steven Thorne and Dean Matterson for all their work. Thanks once again to Jon Zhu for his wonderful tournament poster.

In case you were wondering, here is the list of winners:

Roland Garros Group:
Winners: Greg Westwood & Wayne Nicholls
Finalists: Mick Dunn & Mickael Virag

Barcelona Group:
Winners: Dean Matterson & Brian Wilson
Finalists: Lou Fortus & Huy Pham

Monte Carlo Group:
Winners: Kevin Bloom & Evan Knowles
Finalists: Edward Alimin & Windhu Supriyono

Rome Group:
Winners: Jamie Lu & Tim Jung
Finalists: Rayes Casillas & Mark Ehrman

Click HERE for all the match details if you are interested in how the winners got there and HERE for the full list of winners..

Once again, thank you for your support and participation.

Brendan Moore