Congratulations to Mick Dunn

“Mick is a popular joint recipient of Senior of the Year. He has only been playing in the seniors for a short period but has played in nearly every tournament since joining as well as attending many functions. Mick’s friendly demeanour has ensured he has made many friends in seniors’ tennis.

Since retirement from QANTAS, Mick has demonstrated that he has acquired many “people skills” which he uses in everyday life. This is particularly evident in the way in which he sends out “positive vibes” to all he meets. One member commented “we need more people like Mick around…he always makes you feel good. He has a way of making people feel important, and he speaks with a smile in his voice”. 

Others have said: “he is a warm, considerate, easy-going person who is wonderful company. He’s an entertainer, a great chef, a confidante and a good sport, which make him a well-rounded individual. ”His very broad general knowledge makes him an interesting conversationalist, and he is never “lost for words”! 

Mick hasn’t always had it easy – many years ago, he was badly injured by a truck and spent a long time in hospital. Far from becoming angry or sorry for himself he reached out to others who were in need of a helping hand, and sought to give them assistance with their own rehabilitation, teaching them how to help their body heal itself. 

Mick loves to travel, and has played in ITF tourneys overseas. He also has an interest in plants and the environment, running a small nursery from his property in Millbank in the states’ far north.” RC for TSNSW

Congratulation again Mick and we wish you well for continued success and lots more great tennis over the coming years.

(pic) Mick at the AGLO Tournament 2014 with Liz, Maureen and Frankie.






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