Sunday Social - Let Your Colours Burst!!!!

–  Red
– Orange
– Yellow
– Green
– Blue
– Violet
The addition of two new colours means that the skill gap within a colour has been reduced and you will be more closely matched to players of the same colour. This should make the tennis more enjoyable for everyone. By having more colours we can also even out the number of players within each colour. Your colour has been determined by committee and is chosen to allow you to play with players of a similar skill level for Sunday Social. Your Sunday Social colour is not a direct correlation to your GLTA grade or competition division.
The rules for choosing sets will remain the same, with players encouraged to choose from one colour up and any number of colours below. If there are insufficient players to choose from, see the organiser who will assign a set for you.
If you feel that you should be playing in a different colour, please send a request to the committee at info@tennissydney.org.au. The Committee will review colours for individual players by request twice a year (March and Sept).