Sydney Badge - autumn comp entry open

At this stage, Members will be playing in the higher divisions and are canvassing to see if there are any players who would like to field a team in lower divisions. Sydney Badge offers several divisions, for example, the 2013 men’s Autumn Badge comp attracted 940 players across 15 divisions. Teams consist of at least 5 players to a maximum of 8. Only 4 players are required each week. There are both men’s and women’s competitions. 

Sydney Badge is conducted on the ‘home and away’ games format. Currently, Tennis Sydney is calling the Illawarra Tennis Centre in Rockdale their ‘home’ venue. Usually you play 1 round at home then the next ‘away’ etc., totalling 7 home games and 7 away games. When you host the home games you book and pay for the courts and balls and provide lunch for the visiting team. This hospitality is then reciprocated when you go for your ‘away’ games. The ‘away’ games are played all over metropolitan Sydney, so transport is essential. 

A summary of costs based on a 5 player team: 

Team Registration Fee: $120.00

Court Costs: $90 per home game. (Two Courts per match x 2.5 hours. 14 rounds, 7 at home (semis and finals additional) = $630.00)

Balls (2 cans): $20 per home game. (Usually about 14 rounds, 7 at home (semis and finals additional) = $140.00)

Lunch: $30 per home game. (Usually supplied by the restaurant at Rockdale, but can be organised by the team at home (self-catered) = $210.00) 

Total Costs based on 7 home games = $1,100.00 per team 

$220.00 per player based on 5 players in a team. (Less if you have more players in a team.) 

So if you are looking to play some more tennis against teams outside Tennis Sydney, Sydney Badge may be just what you need. So start talking with your friends and organise a team and to register your interest in playing in the next Badge (or if you have any questions) please send an EOI to info@tennissydney.org.au by January 30 2014. If we receive sufficient numbers we will organise one of the ‘established’ Tennis Sydney badge players to provide further information and guidance and help coordinate your entry. 

Please note: To play Badge you must be a Member of Tennis NSW. If you have not already done so please check how you can become a Member of Tennis NSW through Tennis Sydney HERE

The comprehensive rules for Sydney Badge are here:


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