2014 Honour Roll


Australasian Gay & Lesbian Open 2014      13-17 February (rain-out) & 15-16 March – Sydney Olympic Park



Open Singles  Russell Hall  Michael Massih
Open Doubles  Hoshio Kaneko & Michael Massih  Russell Hall & Hayden Frawley
Open Mixed Doubles  Tiffany Ng & Troy Hancock  Clare Ford & Mick Dunn
A Grade Singles  Troy Williams  Mark Jones
A Grade Doubles  Troy Hancock & Glen Fitzgerald  Sean Whelan & Jarrod Green
A Womens Singles  Helena Heizmann  Clare Ford
A Womens Doubles  Tracey Macmillan & Natalie Espinosa  Clare Ford & Lee Spencer
A Mixed Doubles  Sharon Morris-Gillard & Craig Ayling  Tracey Macmillan & Glen Fitzgerald
B Grade Singles  Simon Wood  Cory Gooch
B Grade Doubles  Andrew Soo & Tony Boutoubia  Edward Alimin & Dean Matterson
B Womens Singles  Demetra Giannakopoulos  Sharon Morris-Gillard
B Mixed Doubles  Melissa Barden & Andrew Soo  Jennifer Lai & Bennet Leleh
C Grade Singles  Lester Lagasca   Stefan Kneissl
C Grade Doubles  Bruce Booth & Neil Laragay  Lester Lagasca & Stefan Kneissl
D Grade Singles  Craig Evans  Errik Hasim
D Grade Doubles  Natasha Watts & Ben Arabin  Curtis Crowe & Trent Kelly
40+ A Singles  Rob Ferguson  Duddy Apriadi
40+ B Singles   Darrell Johns  Geoff Burke

 Peter Deacon Spring Championships 2014     26-28 September – Cintra Park Concord



Open Singles  Michael Massih  Mikey DeCourtney Feeney
Open Doubles  Michael Massih & Hoshio Kaneko  Craig Hunt & Greg Westwood
Open Mixed Doubles – RR**  Ros Evans & Craig Hunt  Tracey Macmillan & Hayden Frawley
A Grade Singles  Roderick Gawthrop  Peter Dredge
A Grade Doubles  Craig Ayling & Steven Thorne  Hugh Giddy & Byron Watson
A Grade Womens Doubles- RR**         Ros Evans & Tracek Macmillan  Sharon Morris-Gillard & Fiona Roseby
A Mixed Doubles – RR**  Christina Bullivant & Byron Watson  Craig Ayling & Sharon Morris-Gillard
B Grade Singles  Nathaniel Harper  Peter Tang
B Grade Doubles  Dean Matterson & Brian Wilson  Charles Edwards & Carreg O’Shea
B Grade Mixed Doubles – RR**  Alex Woods & Dean Matterson  Natalie Espinosa & Simon Graham
C Grade Singles  Matt Harders  LC Teh
C Grade Doubles  Neil Rawlinson & Richard Harvey  Matt Harders & Kendy Yus
D Grade Singles  Duncan O’Connor  Neil Allanby
D Grade Doubles – RR**  Hyung Chul Kim & Rob Ward  Nicholas Spencer & Trevor Tejada- Berges
 **RR – Round-robin event    


Summer 2014 – Team Competition

Div 1
Winner: Craig Hunt & Ben Tari   RU Chris Byrne & Wayne Nicholls
Div 2*
Finalists Oscar Modesto & Reuben Young    & Troy Hancock & Glen Fitzgerald
Div 3
Winner: Declan Bailey & Damien O’Brien   RU Dean Matterson & Simon Graham
Div 4
Winner: Sandy Smith & Jon Edmonds   RU Darrin Vickery & LC Teh
Div 4
Winner Richard Harvey & Neil Rawlinson   RU Matt Harders & Kendy Yus
Swingers  Winner Steven Thorne   RU Leanne Spencer
   *Note: There was no result for Div 2 due to time constraints. The above teams were the finalists.

Winter 2014 – Swingers Competition

Div 1
Winner:  Russell Hall   RU  Ben Tari
Div 2
Winner:  Tuan Nguy   RU  Matus Rajnoha
Div 3
Winner:  Geoff Burke   RU  Kerry Hall
Div 4 Winner:  Ray Lance   RU  Sandy Smith
Div 5 Winner:  Kevin Thompson   RU  Lance Heng

Spring 2014 – Weighted Pair Competition 

Div 1 Winner:  Russell Hall & Dean Matterson   RU  Ben Tari & Cory Gooch
Div 2 Winner:  Matthew Caddy & Lou Fortus   RU  Brian Wilson & Jaemin Cho
Div 3 Winner:  Brendon Oliver & Steve Cashen   RU  Aaron Luke & Brendan Moore
Div 4 Winner:  Craig Evans & David Teahan   RU  Dean Kahler & Duncan Connor


Clay Doubles Classic, Eastcourts Kingsford, 18 May 2014

Div 1 Winner: Greg Westwood & Wayne Nicholls   RU Mick Dunn & Mickael Virag
Div 2 Winner: Dean Matterson & Brian Wilson   RU Lou Fortus & Huy Pham
Div 3 Winner: Evan Knowles & Kevin Bloom   RU Edward Alimin & Windhu Supriyono
Div 4 Winner: Jamie Lu & Tim Yung   RU Rayes Casillas & Mark Ehrman

Lawn Doubles Classic, Marrickville District Lawn Tennis Club,  October 2014

Div 1 Winner:  Russell Hall & Hayden Frawley   RU  Craig Hunt & Ben Tari
Div 2 Winner:  Rudi Bakti & Bruce Mortimer   RU  Jaemin Cho & Ian Fox
Div 3 Winner:  Damien O’Brien & Jon Zhu   RU  Tim Pailthorpe & Mario Queddeng
Div 4 Winner:  Christian di Sisto & Jamie Lu   RU  Andy Chen & Rafal Chomik


Compass Singles Tournament, Parramatta City Tennis, 6 July 2014

East Winner:  Mikey DeCourtney Feeney RU  Russell Hall
North-east Winner:  Jocelino Jorge RU  Warwick Yee
North Winner:  Andrew Soo RU  Scott Parker
North-west Winner:  Matt Harders RU  Edward Alimin
West Winner:  Lester Lagasca RU  Kendy Yus
South-west Winner:  LC Teh RU  Brendan Moore
South Winner:  Christopher Morrison RU  Seamus Duffy
South-east Winner:  Rob Ward RU  Chul Kim


Compass Doubles Tournament, Cintra Park Tennis Centre,  23 November 2014

East Winner:  Russell Hall & Hayden Frawley   RU  Micahel Massih & Arlyn Swain
North-east Winner:  Hoshio Kaneko & Bruce Mortimer   RU  Paul Kwon & Sherwin Lucas
North Winner:  Suresh Chand & Kevin Duong   RU  Oewn Gallagher & Mike Heath
North-west Winner:  Scott Parker & Huy Pham   RU  Ryan Chan & Jamie Parker
West Winner:  Stephen Clarke & Steven Thorne   RU  Andy Chen & Cuong Hoang
South-west Winner:  Rayes Casillas & Richard Harvey   RU  Kevin Bloom & Evan Knowles
South Winner:   Peter Bugess & Kevin Gardner   RU  Duncan Connor & Craig Evans
South-east Winner:   Melissa Barden & Alex Woods   RU  Ben Arabin & Curtis Crowe

 CLUB AWARDS – 2014 

Players of the Year – Awarded by the Committee based on results for the year

Amazon Player of the Year  Julie Prolov
Open Grade Player of the Year  Russell Hall
A Grade Player of the Year  Oscar Modesto
B Grade Player of the Year  Dean Matterson
C Grade Player of the Year  Matt Harders
D Grade Player of the Year  Duncan Connor
Breakthough Player of the Year  Alex Woods (Amazon) & Dean Kahler (Tennis Sydney)
Tennis Sydney Supporter of the Year  Tim Pailthorpe

Sportsperson of the Year – Voted for by the Membership Awarded to players who play fair; follow the rules; show respect for officials and fellow players; and promote a positive influence on the game and those around them.

 Amazon Sportsperson of the Year  Natalie Espinosa
Open Grade Sportsperson of the Year  Russell Hall
A Grade Sportsperson of the Year  Steven Thorne & Oscar Modesto
B Grade Sportsperson of the Year  Andrew Soo
C Grade Sportsperson of the Year  Matt Harders
D Grade Sportsperson of the Year  Rob Ward