2013 Tennis Sydney 'Oscars' Voting Now Open

Awarded by the Committee based on results for the year.

Open Grade Player of the Year

A Grade Player of the Year
B Grade Player of the Year
C Grade Player of the Year
D Grade Player of the Year  
Breakthrough Player of the Year Award
Awarded to the player that has demonstrated consistent and improved results and for playing above and through their grade. 

Voted for by the Membership

Tennis Sydney Sportsperson Awards are generally given to players who play fair; follow the rules; show respect for officials and fellow players; and promote a positive influence on the game and those around them.

Open Grade Sportsperson Award 

A Grade Sportsperson Award 
B Grade Sportsperson Award 
C Grade Sportsperson Award 
D Grade Sportsperson Award   

And the popular, all important and hotly contested…

Spunk of the Year Award

Biggest Princess on Court Award
Screamer/Grunter on Court Award
Most ‘Social’ Player Off-Court Award
Voting closed at midnight, 28 November 2013.
The Tennis Sydney Committee
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