Compass Doubles – Sunday 1 December

Who: Tennis Sydney paid-members only. Non-members are eligible to play only when partnering with a current financial Member of Tennis Sydney.

Non-members should select the additional $5 non-member fee when paying for your entry. Our friends at Amazons Tennis Club are welcome to register at the Member price.

What: Doubles Compass Tournament 2013

Draw size: Strictly 64 teams, on a first-in and paid, basis.

When: 8.00am – 6.00pm, Sunday, 1st December 2013

Where: Cintra Park, Gipps St, Concord

Cost: $40.00 per team/ $20.00 per player/ $25.00 for non-members.

ENTRY: All entries must be made via the GLTA site only. Payment by Paypal or credit card must be made at the time of registering. Each player must register and pay individually. When registering, please nominate your partner and the Tournament Director will pair your entries together in the tournament system.

Balls: Slazenger

Set format: Single set, first to 6 games, (Short deuce, sudden death point upon reaching 2nd deuce) Standard tiebreak at 5-5, first to 7 by 2 (no sudden death point).

For those new to a compass draw, following is a brief description of how it works.

All players start in one single draw, ranked 1-64, “the EAST” draw. In round one, seeded player 1 plays 64, 2 plays 63 etc. After round 1, the draw is split, winners remain in the EAST draw, non-winners move to the next draw (WEST). Then we play again, 1 plays 32, 2 plays 31, etc, in East. In the newly created WEST draw, player 33 plays 64, 34 plays 63 etc. The draw keeps splitting (winners one way, non-winners another) for 3 more rounds, until there is 8 separate draws, E, NE, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE. (hence a Compass)



If there are no walkovers/withdrawals, every player/team is guaranteed 4 sets. If you make the semi of your [8th of the] draw, you will play 5 sets, and if you make the final, you will play 6 sets.

Ultimate glory goes to the EAST winner (who is undefeated) and to the EAST runner-up (who has lost only to the EAST winner). Tournament ranking continues from EAST (ranks 1-8) anti clockwise through NORTHEAST (ranks 9-16), NORTH (ranks 17-24), NORTHWEST (ranks 25-32), WEST (rank 33-40), SOUTHWEST (ranks 41-48), SOUTH (ranks 49-56), then finally at SOUTHEAST.(ranks 57-64).

ENTRY is available HERE

Looking forward to a great day,

Tyrone Andres
Tournament Director