Tennis Sydney has now become a member of Tennis Australia/Tennis NSW

Your Name
Your email address (so that they can confirm with you your membership with Tennis NSW
Your Postcode (for their demographics)

When you log on to our website, you will be taken to your profile page “Edit Your Details” and scroll down to the end of the page.

Please tick one of the boxes:
I Agree for Tennis Sydney to provide the above details
I do not agree for Tennis Sydney to provide the above details.

Please note the following, if you do not agree to Tennis Sydney providing your name, email and postcode to Tennis NSW/Tennis Australia:

Your membership of Tennis Sydney will continue as it is now, however you will not be covered for Personal Sports Accident Insurance and there may be some tournaments and competitions outside of Tennis Sydney run events that you will not be able to compete in as the Tennis Centre/Tournament may require that all participants are covered for insurance or be Members of Tennis NSW/Tennis Australia.

The cut-off date to opt in/opt out will be the 5 September so that the initial list can be sent to Tennis NSW/Tennis Australia and then subsequent lists at monthly intervals.