GLTA Rankings ... Movers and shakers

Michael Missah is number 1 in the world on the GLTA Singles ranking. Well done Michael. 

Russell Hall remained inside the worlds top 10 players at number 7 after coming runners-up in Opens Singles at AGLO.

Tennis Sydneys Craig Hunt and Greg Westwood are world number 2 and AGLO Doubles champ Peter Elliott is world number 4. So Tennis Sydney currently have 3 players in the top 4 spots in the world. A truly amazing result.
A grade players will be pleased to see that Jack McLean who won A grade Singles is now an Open player after his excellent performance at AGLO which was his first GLTA tournament.
The C Grade Singles winner Dan Dan has been elevated to B grade and runner up  Evan Knowles is getting close to the top of C grade list.

Seamus Duffy after his win at AGLO in D singles is now a C grade player and good luck to Seamus in the upcoming GLTA tournament in Dublin.
Check out the 3 lists on GLTA.
1)The GLTA World Tour ranking-  list gives you your world ranking.
2) The GLTA Tournament entry ranking – list gives you the grade you can enter tournaments as at today.
3)The GLTA Championships ranking. Gives you your ranking in the year for Championship Race where the top players are invited to the Championship tournament the following February. Remember AGLO was a masters event and gave you double points for the Championship Race. The next GLTA tournament to give double points for Championship Race is the King Ludwig Cup in Munich, Germany in June 2013.

Good luck to all the Tennis Sydney players in the upcoming Northern Hemisphere GLTA Tournaments.

Dean Matterson