Leanne Spencer

lee spencer 2012

Leanne has been involved with Tennis Sydney since 1998. During this time she has served on the Committee in the role of Secretary for more than 6 years under different Committees. Leanne has also served on the Committees of Amazons Tennis and Team Sydney.

Leanne has contributed an enormous amount of time and energy to Tennis Sydney over the years. The role she performs as Secretary is invaluable to the smooth running of the Club behind the scenes. She has re-drafted our constitution and ensures that the Club meets its legal obligations under the Associations Act. She has progressively archived all the Committee minutes from the meetings and acts as ‘informal’ counsel on matters relating to the Club’s financial and administration procedures. These time consuming but essential tasks are performed with Lee’s usual good humour and grace.

For her outstanding, long standing, and continuing contribution to the administration of Tennis Sydney, Leanne was inducted to the Tennis Sydney ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2012 by Craig Hunt