Grand Slam 2013 - Tipping Comp # 1 - Australian Open

1. The official draw for the Australian Open will be released here on Friday 11 January 2013.

2. Entry will be available online through the Tennis Sydney website from Thursday 10 January and at Sunday Social on 13 January 2013. Entries close, midnight Sunday 13 January with play starting the following day. 

3. Entry cost is $5.00. Maximum of two (2) entries per person – if you need to hedge your bets!! 

4. Nominate who you think will be the winners of both the men’s and women’s finals at the Australian Open 2013. 

5. All entries and selections will be published on the Tennis Sydney website – member view only – and the winning pool of money announced. 

6. Settle back and enjoy two weeks of grand slam tennis. 

The winner(s) 

a.       All entry money is pooled with 25% of the total kept aside to kick off the Tennis Sydney Charity Fundraising for 2013. And so on for the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

b.      The remaining 75% will go to the winner or split evenly among the winners.

c.       If no one picks the winners of both the men’s and women’s final at the Australian Open the pool will jackpot for the French Open. You will need to enter again in May. 

So start checking the form, watch the final lead up events and have your Australian Open men’s and women’s winners ready to enter by Sunday 13 January. 

You will find the current WTA Rankings and player profiles here and the ATP Rankings and profiles here