Mid-Week Competition - Spring 2012 - Final Results


Division 1:
Winners:     Russell Hall & Stephen Clarke        Finalists:     Michael Massih & Jarrod Green

Division 2:

Winners:     Tuan Nguy & Jamie Parker              Finalists:     Simon Graham & Christopher Neff

Division 3:

Winners:     Kevin Bloom & Scott Parker             Finalists:     Geoffrey Burke & Peter Burgess

Division 4:

Winners:     Kevin Thompson & Duncan Connor     Finalists:     Mark Ehrman & Anthony Houghton

Congratulations to all the winners, finalists and semi-finalists and also a huge thank you to all those who participated to make it an enjoyable competition. Thanks to our Competition Coordinator Russell Hall for all his work, in coordinating every aspect of the competition from the court bookings to weekly Leaderboard updates.

To Tim Pailthorpe who organised the tournament planner entry and scoresheeets and the grading committee who did and an excellent job on the grading each division. Our appreciation also to the fantastic efforts of division captains who kept everyone and everything organised throughout the competition, Russel Hall for Div 1, Cuong Hoang for Div 2 and Mark Ehrman for Div 4. Thanks also to our webmaster Teh who kept the website updated so promptly each week.

Finally to all the players and reserves who took on part, we thank you for making it a success. Thank you for your continued support and for making it fun as well as a competitive competition.

Tennis Sydney’s next event, the Mid-Week Competition – Summer  2013, will most likely begin on Thursday 31 January

Entry will open in early January.
We look forward to seeing you back on court then.

Tennis Sydney Committee