A Player in My Bed - Friendly Housing Update

I was a lonely player from Barcelona travelling for the first time to an international tournament in glorious Amsterdam. Short on pennies I subscribed for hosted housing. I was matched with a woman called Monique.

Monique was to me nothing short of wonderful, she knew everyone (all 700 of them) at the tournament and made sure I met them all. She drove me to the club if she was playing too, and lent me her bicycle to go on my own. I wish I had a photo of the thing so you could understand what a trip it was riding it.

We had many adventures together during that long weekend and many others in the following years.

Because of Monique I fell in love with the tournament and played it every year, always staying at her place. And Monique stayed at my place for holidays and tournaments in Barcelona.

She is to this day one of my best friends, and I miss her very much.

This was my first time as a GLTA hosted player.

Send me your stories!

Elena Sarno