Tennis Sydney goes back to LA

Tennis Sydney member Will Pitharn aka Maria Sharapova.

Nathan & Paul are playing Open Singles and will be teaming up in the Open Doubles, Tyrone is playing in the A Grade and Jamie & Maria are playing Bs.

Being in their first overseas GLTA event, Nathan and Paul have drawn some tough opposition in their opening rounds with Nathan playing the tournament director Steve Sax and Paul drawing the #5 Seed, Nabil Najjar. In the Open Doubles Event Nathan and Paul will have to werrk to get past the first round as well after drawing the two behemoths from San Diego who won the A Doubles title at the LA Open in April. (Good luck gurls, these two are scary, SCARY people! Trust me… You’ll know what I mean when you see them. They were the same beasts that took me out of the Doubles event when I played Burbank this year! I think they may be retired professional wrestlers… No, seriously…)

After earning enough points, Tyrone has been seeded #1 in the A Singles Event (oh the pressure, I dont think DANI has ever been a #1 seed in her life!)and receives a bye to the second round. However, it is a 30 man draw and Tyrone will need to make it through three other players to reach his seeding positon in the finals, including the same person that defeated him in the very same tournament this time last year.

Jamie is unseeded in the B Singles event which holds 42 competitors. If he is successful in his first round, he will meet the #2 Seed who recently won the B Singles event in San Diego earlier this year.

Maria has been seeded #7 and looks good to reach the third round. However, he will need to beat the same person that he defeated in the B Consolation event in April this year if he is to make it to the Quarter Finals. Knowing Maria though, every time she is seeded, she flakes the first round and then destroys everyone in the Consolation event just so she can take home a trophy! (Luv u gurl ex oh ex oh)

So best of luck to these guys and hopefully they will need to make room in the luggage on the return trip back for some glassware. Oh-Kayyyyy?