2012 Lawn Doubles Classic

Draw:  Draws are now published at Lawn Draw

Round Robin Set Format:
Within each group, each team will play 4 matches of 1 set, first to 6 games with a standard tiebreak at 5-5.
3 point short deuce will be utilised (the same as the current winter comp deuce, i.e the third time you get to deuce it’s only one sudden death point).

Group Winner Scoring:
The winner and runner up of each group will be determined by sets won.  In the event of a tie on sets, the winner will be determined by percentage games won.  ie. Games won divided by total games played (eg. 20 games won, 18 games lost = 20/(20+18) = 52.632%)
The winner of each group will advance to their division final. The runner up of each group will advance to a 3rd/4th play off.

Group Captains are on board to help the smooth running of the tournament.
Please check-in with your group captain on arrival and follow their lead for the day.
Captains will be responsible for scoring and determining who advances to finals/play offs.  So, please make sure you let them know your score.
Captains are in charge of balls for your group.  For this rotating court format (attached), it will be easier if balls remain within the group.  Please return them to your captain after play.  i.e.  don’t leave them on the court for the next group.

Court allocation:
In order to be fair, I’ve created the attached rotation of courts.  Its basically the same format as Hardcourt with 1v2, 3v4, 5v1 etc, except we switch courts after 2 matches.  This roster might be a little tricky to follow, but it will ensure that no player plays on the same court twice.  Please keep an eye on which court you’re on next, ready to pounce when they are complete.

Order of play:  is now published at schedule of play

Finals and 3rd/4th playoffs should commence at approximately 4pm.  Courts to be determined within the following parameters –  Finals on courts 1-3, 3rd/4th play offs on courts 4-6.
I’m sure you all know by now, warm ups are to be kept to a maximum of 5 mins.

Let me know if you have and questions.  Looking forward to a great day,

Tim Pailthorpe
Tournament Director

0412 816 714