Bake-off winners 2012



Most Delicious Mark P. –Banana Cake with Chocolate Icing. 

GABS – “When I inserted the banana (cake) into VIK’s mouth with not a hint of irony, I knew instantly from the look on her face that this was a winner. She swallowed it without even chewing.”  

VIK – “GABS’ face is so yummy, but not as much as this banana cake!  Mmmmm… I could eat it all night long.”

Best Decorated – Hendry  for his Surabaya Layered Cake finished with tennis ball icing. 

VIK – “With dinkerella decoration and a kaleidoscope of colour, the visual of this cake is reminiscent of a night at Arq with a fresh bottle of amyl. And with a tribute to Tennis Sydney on the top, I was convinced this was the best decorated.”
GABS – “Not only was this cake delicious, it looked great! Tennis Sydney should consider this as its new logo.”

VIK & GABS Judges ChoiceQuoc – Citrus New York Cheesecake

GABS – “So smooth and silky, like a slinky set of satin sheets, this is the ultimate cheesecake for a WTA girl on the rise. With explosive lip smacking citrus suggestions derived from the top of this handsome cheesecake, I couldn’t get into my belly quickly enough.”  VIK – “What can I say? The man who made this cheesecake can marry me. He’s divinity in a biscuit. Please get him to call me on my Belarusian phone number, which is +375 VIKA.”

Tennis Sydney’s President’s Choice – Kevin G. for his tribute cake to Roger Federer’s 17 Grand Slams – Zuger Torte 

VIK – “Oh, that’s what it is. I thought the poor cook had had a terrible accident and bled out all over the cake. Digging beneath the surface though revealed a deft touch with the kirsch bottle. No wonder the president was smiling.” GABS – “He was smiling because he was so close to VIK & GABS. Understandable.”

The VIK & GABS Encouragement Award went to Mickael V. for the mysterious yet absolutely delicious Foil Wrapped Chocolate Fondant.

GABS – (thought bubble) “It’s too big for a suppository. Do we smoke it?”  VIK – (thought bubble) “OMG, GABS has dropped our stash on the cake table. Smile. Just keep smiling. And move on.”

Thanks to all who enjoyed the cakes; we raised $162.00 toward supporting the Sydney Children’s Hospital HIV Paediatric Services. 

Our very special thanks go to VIK & GABS for taking time out from the Tour and adding all that dollar shop glamour. Our players will be talking about it for minutes.

Ann-Marie from the Star Observer captured it all in glorious colour here.