Tennis Sydney Subsidised Coaching Programmes

All the coaching sessions with Matt will concentrate on both stroke technique and the tactical aspects of match play.

Each program will run for 6 weeks. Interested Members must be able to commit to the full 6 weeks.

Initially we are offering two (2) programmes as follows:

Programme 1: Stroke Production – Beginners/D grade – Suitable for those who are new to the game and may not have had any formal instruction.

Time                      1.00pm – 2.00pm – Coaching / 2.00pm – 3.00pm Match Play (not supervised)

Week 1                 Ground strokes /forehand/ backhand/ consistency

Week 2                 Volleys / attacking the short ball / changing direction

Week 3                 Serve and return/ zones of the court

Week 4                 Doubles play & doubles positions

Week 5                 Singles matches

Week 6                 Review

 Programme 2: Building the tactical game – Suitable for those players who have developed consistency with serving, ground strokes and return – C Grade/B Grade

Time                      2.00pm – 3.00pm – Coaching / 3.00pm – 4.00pm Match Play (not supervised)

Week 1 – Week 6   Each week there will be drills on all tennis stroke techniques – forehand, backhand, serve, volley, lob, overhead – while also building a more tactical game including achieving more depth; attacking the short ball; serve and volley; cross-court play; returning in doubles/singles etc. The general focus will be on improving your technique and developing your movement and ball placement on shots.


Week 1 Saturday 26 May

Week 2 Saturday 2 June

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is – 9 – 11 June – No coaching

Week 3 Saturday 16 June

Week 4 Saturday 23 June

Week 5 Saturday 30 June

Week 6 Saturday 7 July

 Registration and cost: 

Registration will be on a first in, first served basis and is only available to financial Members of Tennis Sydney. To register your interest please email your full name, mobile number and the programme you are interested in,  to info@tennissydney.org.au If you are among the first 4 for each group above , you will be contacted with further details and instruction on securing your place.

 People registering after the initial 4 will be placed on a waitlist and will be given preference for future programmes.

 Deadline to register is Friday 11 May 2012.

 The cost for the 6 week programme will be $90.00 ($15.00 per week)

Payment must be received before the start of the programme. 

If there is sufficient demand we will be organising other coaching programmes for later in the year and we will also be developing coaching initiatives for other grades.

 Tennis Sydney will be looking at securing these programmes as a regular part of our offering to Members.

 Don’t delay. Places will fill fast.

 The Tennis Sydney Committee