Declan Bailey

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Name: Declan Bailey

Nickname: Charlotte (I’ve yet to be nicknamed to my face)

Residence: Potts Point on GrindR

D.O.B.: Generation Y

Height: 5’8″

Weight: BMI normal thanks

Marital Status: Always on the look out… but in all the wrong places

Racquet that you use: A French handful

Favourite Shot: Backhand down the line… you’ll know when it’s gone in deep

Favourite Tennis Player (Past & Present): Justine Henin, Richard Gasquet

Tennis Sydney Debut: 2010

Tennis Sydney Career Highlights: Semi-final, then a Semi- again…

Favourite Tennis Sydney personalities: Not sure about favourite, but Miss Goollagong’s a personality

Favourite Tennis Sydney Rival: Miss Waz Yee; Ed Alimin when he’s not being distracted by Eastern Europeans; oh and Camilla – always a treat!

Favourite Quote/Saying: On it, like a car bonnet!
Who at Tennis Sydney do you enjoy playing against the most: Nathan Kelly, he gives as good as he takes!

Who at Tennis Sydney would you like to play against: Geoff Daus – nice one

Any injuries, tennis related or otherwise: Repetitive strain injury ® wrist/arm.

Any scandals, gossip or rumours that you care to share: Not much action in Australia, but I’ve made a name for myself in Europe… suppose I should stop pinching nipples on a Sunday!

Personal quote: Oh well!