Karim Konrad


Name: Karim Konrad

Residence: Sydney

D.O.B.: 16 Feb 

Height: 190

Weight: 90….ish

Racquet that you use: Head Xtreme

Favourite Shot: Forehand Cross Return

Favourite Tennis Player (Past & Present): Andre Agassi / Sabine Lisicki

Tennis Sydney Debut: Mardi Gras 2011 Singles D Final

Tennis Sydney Career Highlights: Peter Deacon 2011 C Trophy

Favourite Tennis Sydney personalities: Oh my god where do I even begin?! Tennis Sydney is full of great personalities – I can´t single out a couple…

Favourite Tennis Sydney Rival: The one and only Warrick Yee.

Favourite Quote/Saying: Love means nothing in tennis.

Who at Tennis Sydney do you enjoy playing against the most: Anyone that enjoys the game as much as I do.

Who at Tennis Sydney would you like to play against: Of course the number 1, Russell Hall.

Any injuries, tennis related or otherwise: No

Any scandals, gossip or rumours that you care to share: My big brother is coming to get you all @ Peter Deacon 2012 ha ha…

Personal quote: Hello trees, hello flowers!