Simon Graham


Name: Simon Graham

Nickname: Yvonne Goolagong

Residence: Sydney Black Gurrrl from the Block

D.O.B.: 21/03/1990

Height: 5’10

Weight: Anorexic

Marital Status: Single and hungry for prey

Racquet that you use: Prince….ess

Favourite Shot: Forehand down the line (I see a crack and l go for it)

Favourite Tennis Player (Past & Present): Monica Seles

Tennis Sydney Debut: 2007

Tennis Sydney Career Highlights: Clay and Grass court titles in one year

Favourite Tennis Sydney personalities: Hingis, Dinara, Camilla, Orgy (oops, I mean Ojie), Raylene, Dick

Favourite Tennis Sydney Rival: My all time favourite is Jamie Parker. Never under estimate mentally breaking down your enemy before even stepping onto the court!

Favourite Quote/Saying: PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT (works on and off the court)

Who at Tennis Sydney do you enjoy playing against the most: Anyone who screams in anger and throws their racket (Ian Catt at the front of the line)

Who at Tennis Sydney would you like to play against: Raylene and Ojie in doubles

Any injuries, tennis related or otherwise: Back (from putting my back into it too much 😉

Any scandals, gossip or rumours that you care to share: While I was out at a club on a trip to Berlin l saw an open area bench where a Tennis Sydney personality got smashed from behind by a German on in front of everyone standing in the bar – a very proud moment that brought tear to my eyes.

Personal quote: Placement and timing will get you more points than trying to hit the ball hard.