2012 Mardi Gras Championships

This year’s event welcomes women players from Amazon Tennis in Sydney and women from around Australia and overseas. So any guys wishing to play mixed doubles please consider joining up with some women players.

Entries close 25th January $50 (first event) $35 (second event)

Please be quick to enter as some events may fill up earlier.

If places are still available we will be accepting entry up to and including 23rd January. This will be at the non discounted rate of $55 (first event) and $35 (second event)

To make draws easier to manage this tournament we are restricting to :

Open Singles –  16 players max

A Singles – 32 players max

B Singles – 32 players max

C Singles – 32 players max

D Singles  – 16 players max

All Doubles events will have a maximum of 16 teams.

Remember you can only play in maximum two events. Therefore you can only play in maximum one Singles event and maximum one graded Doubles. The only way you can play in two Doubles is to play in one graded Doubles and one Mixed Doubles.

Please note you cannot play in a lower grade than your GLTA ranking (so please check your ranking before entering). If you enter a higher grade than your GLTA ranking the grading committee has the right to move you down to match your GLTA ranking if deemed necessary. Please be aware that IF you play a higher grade and you win a match you will then be graded at the higher grade for your next GLTA tournaments.

Please note women wanting to play Singles should enter in with the men (under GLTA rules you can enter one grade lower when playing against men, unless you already have a mens ranking), however if we get enough women to play (8 players in a grade) you will be moved to a women’s only singles event.

Any other questions you have please email info@tennissydney.org.au

Dont forget the Saturday Night players party to meet the interstate and overseas players.

To Enter the Tournament Click Here

To check your GLTA Ranking Click Here

Dean Matterson
Tournament Director