Nathan Kelly


Name: Nathan Kelly
Nickname: Have been called anything from Svetlana to Nadine and some butch woman from the 70’s..
DOB: 09/08/81
Height: 1.75cm
Weight: 72kgs
Marital: Married like a book
Racquet: TechniFibre 320
Favourite shot: Cum…. Or forehand.
Favourite player: The greats- Serena Williams, Novak
Tennis Sydney Debut: 2006 I think – first season… Then a stint in 2008….
Tennis Sydney Highlight: Biggest highlight to date – Arthur Ashe Doubles Tourney – but looking to add some more

Favourite Tennis Sydney rival: Hmmm tough one… I don’t like losing ever, but guess since I told Russell Hall “I’m gunning for him” in a drunken mess I suppose him, but we rarely play.
Favourite quote: “It could be syphilis” – in response to a head ache… (my ex)
Who at Tennis Sydney do you enjoy playing most: Lindsay Davenport – she like’s it hard… I like it hard.. No ladies at all.
Who would I like to play against: Ummm. Kinda enjoyed my match with Matt Coin.. I’d be up for that again
Injuries: Where do I start… Groin tear, shoulder, hip strain, tennis elbow, not to mention lower back dislocation from my junior days and knee cartilage that floats in my patella like jelly.
Scandal, gossip, rumours: Yes porn, yes MH (thanks Russell), yes I was probably seen at some “venue”. But I’m shy.. I’m actually very shy 🙁

Quote: “There is a cream for that!”


“Never hit down on a high backhand.”