Mike Heath

mike heath

Name: Mike Heath

Nickname: Ginny Wade

Residence: Brookvale

D.O.B.: 30 August 1955

Height: 6ft // 183cm

Weight:     84kg

Marital Status: Married

Racquet that you use: Head Ti6

Favourite Shot:   Forehand

Favourite Tennis Player (Past & Present):   John McEnroe, Ginny Wade, Andy Murray

Tennis Sydney Debut:  1989

Tennis Sydney Career Highlights: Open Doubles Semi-Final with Neil Birks, Beating Craig Hunt & Martin Galvin on the way (Round Robin). Winning 3 A Grade Doubles, 2 with Neil 1 With Matt Rankin. Runner-Up Twice A Grade. 4 Veterans Doubles Winners. 50> Winners Mardi Gras 2010

Mixed Doubles Winners against Edwin Christiansen & Liz Yeo. etc

Gay Games Gold Medalist Chicago 2006.  50> Doubles with Mick Dunn.

Gay Games Bronze Medalist Sydney 2002. 40> Singles.

Favourite Tennis Sydney personalities: Craig Hunt.(Francois Durr) Peter Elliott, Lemonova Ian Carthew,

Favourite Tennis Sydney Rival: Neil Birks v Singles

Favourite Quote/Saying:

Sept 16th 2011

“We were in America the last time I checked. Don’t look at me. If we’re ever walking down the hallway, stay on the other side. You’re totally out of control. You’re a hater and you’re un-attractive on the inside. What a loser!”

Serena Williams with a tirade to the Umpire Eva Asderaki after penalising her for yelling “Come On” before Sam Stosur hit the ball at this years US Open Final.

Serena was the LOSER!!

Who at Tennis Sydney do you enjoy playing against the most: Tyrone Andres, Hoshio Kanoka, Neil Birks, Rueben (The Str8 English Lad)

Who at Tennis Sydney would you like to play against: Have played against most in my time

Any injuries, tennis related or otherwise: Thank the Lord I am fit.

Any scandals, gossip or rumours that you care to share:

Once upon a time I slept in the same bed as my doubles partner. (Not saying who, as there have been a few) I was Married to someone else at the time, but nothing happened. I couldn’t sleep though, incase I was violated in the night! lol

Personal quote:

Always play to win, never give up, but most of all show integrity and honesty (with line calls) and show humility if you lose. Leave the court with a smile.