Tennis legends support World AIDS Day


 Last month, several of the biggest names in tennis came together at the 19th annual World Team Tennis Smash Hits for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Among the players were Martina Navratilova, Andy Roddick, Amelie Mauresmo, Jan-Michael ‘shirtless’ Gambill, John McEnroe and Billie-Jean King with umpiring and commentary by Pam Shriver.

Pictured is the court in Cleveland, Ohio where the event was played and is not unlike the logo of a club you may know.

Celebrity Set (does not count towards final score):  Elton John/Martina Navratilova def. John McEnroe/Amelie Mauresmo 4-3 (5-4 in Tiebreak)

Final Results

Team Elton def. Team Billie Jean 19-18 (7-1 Supertiebreaker)

Men’s Doubles:  John McEnroe/Jan-Michael Gambill (Team Billie Jean) def. Andy Roddick/Mark Knowles (Team Elton) 5-2

Women’s Doubles:    Martina Navratilova/Coco Vandeweghe (Team Billie Jean) def. Amelie Mauresmo/Lauren Davis (Team Elton) 5-1

Women’s Singles:  Lauren Davis (Team Elton) def. Coco Vandeweghe (Team Billie Jean) 5-1

Mixed Doubles:  Andy Roddick/Amelie Mauresmo (Team Elton) def. Jan-Michael Gambill/Martina Navratilova (Team Billie Jean) 5-4

Men’s Singles:   Andy Roddick (Team Elton) def. Jan-Michael Gambill (Team Billie Jean) 5-3

Supertiebreaker – Men’s Singles: Andy Roddick (Team Elton) def. Jan-Michael Gambill (Team Billie Jean) 1-0 (7-1)

Steven Thorne