Ryan Chan


Name: Ryan Chan
Nickname: Li Na
Residence: Surry Hills…. where else!
D.O.B.: 26.02.1982
Height: 176 cm
Marital Status: To be announced
Racquet that you use: Prince EX03 Blue
Favourite Shot: Grunting Lunge Volley
Favourite Tennis Player (Past & Present): Martina Navratilova
Tennis Sydney Debut: 2006
Tennis Sydney Career Highlights: 2008 Mardi Gras Doubles Champ. 2009 Peter Deacon Doubles Champ. 2010 Biggest Princess on Court.
Favourite Tennis Sydney personalities: Rayleen….. because she is such a real girl!
Favourite Tennis Sydney Rival: Edward Alimin …… but had her sent away!
Favourite Quote/Saying: “Just out by millimeters”
Who at Tennis Sydney do you enjoy playing against the most: Big Bird Erica….because she is soooo easy to annoy!
Who at Tennis Sydney would you like to play against: Jamie Parker …… interesting just to be on the other side against my tennis partner.
Any injuries, tennis related or otherwise: Neck surgery 2010, Tennis Elbow 2011…….comeback 2012
Any scandals, gossip or rumours that you care to share: Mother has had another daughter….Maybelline
Personal quote: “Arrr Ha” …… as I lunge for that volley.