The first Virginia Slims competition

In 1995, the extremely successful Virginia Slims Competition was started by Craig Hunt so that there was an ongoing competition throughout the year.  These mid-week seasonal competitions are the staple events of Tennis Sydney.  Originally 8 players were on the initial tour, it quickly doubled to 16 and so the Virginia Slims Thursday night competition was born.

Craig ran the competition for 10 years before deciding to take a break but still keeps an active interest in the club and has competed in every Thursday night mid-week competition since its inception. Craig has now located the files of the initial Slims write ups that summarised the first 2 seasons ever in the Slims in 1995 and has made them available to us. So we are now in the process of adding them to the competition archive Here

Included is a player ‘media guide’ which he created to introduce and welcome players for the 2nd season in 1995.

There are also some photographs from the initial season which includes the very first group photo of those who played the initial tour – names included.

Finally, the tournament write up/results document for the 1995 Mardi Gras Championships.

We thank Craig for this archive material records and making it available for to us. It is fantastic to have a record of all those years and I’m  sure that the Membership will enjoy this history for many years to come.