Singles Tournament - Compass Draw


So if you are on the extremity of the rankings, you can expect some swift first rounds…  have some fun with it.  Conversely, if you are ranked at the centre of the draw 32 vs 33 give or take…  then you need to be ready to hit the court absolutely on fire, as your matches should be pretty even.

Match formats will be single sets, first to 6, with a standard tie break (first to 7 by 2) at 5-5.

Strictly 5 minute warm-ups prior to starting the match.  If you need more, go for a run around Centennial.

If we’re running short on time, short deuce may be implemented during the day.

To get through 152 matches we’ll be playing on all 11 courts, everyone will be expected to play at least 1 match on courts 10 and 11.

 If there are no walkovers/withdrawals you can expect to play a minimum of 4 sets (if you lose your final direction’s QF), or 5 sets if you lose your SF, and ultimately, 6 sets if you make it to one of the 8 (E, NE, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE) finals…  so, do what you need to do to go the distance.

 At Compass, technology is coming out to play.  The draws and scores will be updated regularly as the day go on.  So, bring your web enabled devices, switch over from Grindr, and refresh the GLTA site to check progress.  Don’t worry a bulletin board version of the draw, for those non tech-enabled, will be provided. Also, if you’re not immediately handy, I’ll try to SMS your next match and court assignments, so, keep your phone handy.

 To cut down on lag between matches, you’ll be given your court assignment whilst the previous match is still in play, this way you’ll be able to jump on immediately after match point.  The first round assignments are as follows –  Some matches will finish quickly, so players at 9 and 9:30 please arrive nice and early.  8:30 players be on court at 8:30 sharp.

 8:30 AM

Court 1 Christopher Neff / Stuart Rigg

Court 2 Jamie C Parker / Matus Rajnoha

Court 3 Mervin Dizon / Darren Gardner

Court 4 Glen Fitzgerald / Adrian Young

Court 5 Nathan Angrave / Tony Glennane

Court 6 Rob Sheedy / Brian Heavin

Court 7 Ojie Mujiono / Dean Matterson

Court 8 Ian Carthew / Cory Gooch

Court 9 Anthony Houghton / Tyrone Andres

Court 10 Hayden Frawley / Michael Zanetti

Court 11 Nathan Kelly / Nalou Huang

 9:00 AM

Court 1 Paul Kwon / Quoc Nguyen

Court 2 Greg Murphy / Jarrod Green

Court 3 Peter Burgess / Duddy Apriadi

Court 4 Simon Graham / Tim Pailthorpe

Court 5 Neil Birks / Adrian Longdon

Court 6 Kevin Gardner / Rudi Bakti

Court 7 Brian Wilson / Stephen Cashen

Court 8 James Bodonyi / Janson Lau

Court 9 Hendry Lukman / Peter Dredge

Court 10 Riccardo Cristiani / Steven Thorne

Court 11 Ramon Supit / Geoffrey Burke

 9:30 AM

Court 1 Cuong Hoang / Tim Harrison

Court 2 Raffi Cortanyan / Mario Queddeng

Court 3 Lorenzo Laruffa / James Nicholson

Court 4 Karim Konrad / Paul Yung

Court 5 Michael Heath / Brendan Moore

Court 6 Rnd 2 N.Kelly or N. Huang / C. Neff or S.Rigg

Court 7 Tsukasa Ishida / Kendy Yus

Court 8 Justin Petty / Huy Pham

Court 9 Ian Clark / Daniel Crew

Court 10 Rubens Miyazato / Craig Hunt

Court 11 Aroop Banerjee / Erwin Wong

It’s going to be a fun day..  Who will be crowned Compass King and Queen? and Happy 20th Birthday (of incorporation) to us!

Tim Pailthorpe
Tournament Director