Mid-Week Comp - Winter 2011 - Div 4 Review

paul burns picMIDWEEK COMPETITION  – WINTER 2011

Division 4 Review

Winter comp is over, what are we to do?

Congrats to Marky Mark Pfeiffer, the winner of division 4

He’s our big master baker, whose jelly slice leaves you wanting more


Our runner up requires a well-deserved mention, Rob Sheedy the big man.

He hits a mean top spin, like only batman can


Our quiet achiever Richard, came in at number 3

If comp entry fees were based on words spoken, he would be able to compete for free


Rounding out the top 4 this comp was our delightful captain Tim

His fierceness with his clipboard had us on our knees for him


Anthony is a lefty and is the size of a high tower
He’ll easily take out the next top spot now Yalla fuels his power


Paul developed a weird new grunt and Justin got new shoes,

Daniel’s forehand was working well and Donald misplaced the rules


We offer thanks to our all of our subs, especially Adrian and Quoc
Some hope Aroop keeps his shorty shorts short, so they get to see his c*ck


If points were awarded for concentration then Andy would have surely won

Alas only half a point is gained when the lights are no longer on


We had lots of fun along the way and the sportsmanship was always good,

We’re only division 4 after all so we laugh when our shots are dud


Winter comp is over, what are we to do?

Practice hard in time for Spring comp and for Peter Deacon too!!

Paul Burns