Mid-Week Comp - Winter 2011 - Div 1 Review

Of course he only scored 1 point on one of the nights play but that was only because his partner was out of the country and there was a bit of a communication mix up.

Otherwise the winning margin would have been even greater. It just goes to show how strong Mrs. Court is – just like the real deal back in the 60s and early 70s. Making her assured victory even more impressive is the fact that she has been nursing a sore elbow of late, and so hasn’t been able to serve at full strength – but her groundies have been razor like and lethal on the glorious camperdown courts.

Vera Zvonareva, who masquerades as Hayden Frawley during the day, has had one of her best seasons in years and is a well deserved runner up – the other girls are unable to catch her with Geoffie Graf having the bye in the final week, and Mrs. Billie-Jean King playing with Vera in the final round of play.  Vera’s big serve, groundies and aggressive play at the net have been very tough to handle and only twice has she finished in the negative when comparing games won with games lost. Very impressive and her rise up the rankings parallels that of her namesake on the WTA tour this season. Surely she will be in high demand for future competitions.

3rd place is up for grabs although it looks like Mrs. King would be favoured to take the bronze medal as she pairs up with Vera in the final round. She has featured in a lot of tie-breakers this season, usually coming out on top, demonstrating her great competitive instinct. Mrs.

King is bound to improve further as she has only recently come back to the tour in a full time capacity after a short hiatis and she is slowly rediscovering the strength of her double handed backhand. Geoffie Graf has been on song for much of the season and his big serve has made him a formidable foe this season. 5 times he has won 3 sets or more which is a very impressive result.

Christine Maree Evert (Shane Fawcett) and Lindsay Davenport (Ian Clark) have both had consistently good seasons to finish in the middle of the pack, but the big improver would have to be Daniela Hantuchova (Tyrone

Andres) who has remodelled her forehand into a genuine weapon. The change has translated at the highest level and Dani is now a force to be reckoned with in any event she participates in. Great to see Duddy Apriadi and Mary Pierce (Sean Whelan) also making great improvements as well this season and mixing it consistently with the Div 1 girls. Both Duddy and Mary possess huge groundies and with their newfound belief these two will be even more dangerous in future seasons as their confidence grows.

Thanks to all the colourful individuals and stylists who have played and filled in this season, making it such as strong winter season and congratulations to Margaret Court on taking another well deserved title on the Tennis Sydney circuit.

Happy Moonballing

Mlle Frankie Durr xxx