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Wednesday, 17 August 2011, Issue # 029

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Leaderboards Updated

The Leader Boards for Round 12 of the Mid-Week Competition – Winter 2011 have now been posted on the website.

To view, Click Results on the menu board above.

Divisions 3 & 4 have played their final round and the results are as follows:

Division 3:

Winner: Jon Edmonds, Runner-up: Karim Konrad

Division 4:

Winner: Mark Pfeiffer, Runner-up: Rob Sheedy

September 11, 2011

Although Tennis Sydney has been in existence in some form or other since 1982, it wasn’t until 29th August 1991 that the club was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984. As it will be our 20th year of incorporation, the committee have decided to celebrate it with a Singles Tournament called “Compass Draw” which will be played at Parklands Tennis Centre on 11th September. Details of how the Draw works is explained below.

This will be an excellent way for all our club members to mix, to get to play against players they would never get to play against and to get to know each other as well as having a fun competitive day of tennis.

Each player is guaranteed to play 4 sets in this format before being eliminated, the winners can get to play up to 6 sets.


Steve Cashen will run the barbeque with a group of volunteers on the day.  If you have time please volunteer to help out.


Free tea and coffee will be available all day so you can enjoy a cuppa between sets

Sunday Social Tennis

Sunday Social tennis will not take place on the day but will return the following Sunday

For this tournament Tim Pailthorpe will be our Tournament Director so even if you do not grasp how it works the computer software and Tim will guide you through the tournament on the day. All you need to do is turn up and play.

We look forward to seeing you there on the day to help us celebrate and have some fun

Brendan Moore

Sunday 11 September, 2011

Entries Now Open

Tennis Sydney is holding the inaugural 2011 Singles Tournament on Sunday 11 September for Tennis Sydney members only.

Your memberships must be current and all entry fees must be banked for your entry to be valid.

Time:                     8.30am – 5.00pm

Location:                 Parklands Tennis Centre

Cost:                      $25 per player

To enter the tournament  Click Here..

The preferred method of payment is via PayPal. Alternatively you can deposit money by electronic bank transfer into the Tennis Sydney bank account but your entry will not be confirmed until the funds have appeared in the account.

Unfortunately due to the limited number of courts available the entries to the tournament is limited. We suggest that you enter asap to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions please email me Here..

Tim Pailthorpe
Tournament Director

How it Works

compass draw with arrows

This is a non-elimination format that is so named because players advance in four to eight different directions depending upon when they lose their first match and when they lose their subsequent matches.

How it’s done:

  • Seeding. Seeding will be used to place the strongest players. Players will be ranked 1-64 or 1-32 depending on the entry
  • Making the draw. Each player is placed on a line on the centre draw sheet and 1 and 32 (or 64) etc would play in the first round.
  • Progression in the Draw. At the end of each round, the winners continue in their tournament in the same direction, while the losers move to other points on the compass to form a new satellite tournament.
    • At the end of round 1:
      • The winners go east
      • The losers go west
    • At the end of round 2:
      • The east losers go north
      • The west losers go south
    • At the end of round 3:
      • The east losers go northeast
      • The north losers go northwest
      • The west losers go southwest
      • The south losers go southeast
    • At the end of round 4:
      • The losers are out of the tournament (unless there will be semi-final play-offs);
      • The winners play the finals on each draw sheet.

Glory goes to the east winner (who is undefeated) and to the east runner-up (who has lost only to the east winner). Tournament ranking continues from east (ranks 1-8) anti clockwise through northeast (ranks 9-16) , north (ranks 17-24) , northwest (ranks 25-32) , west (rank 33-40), southwest (ranks 41-48) , south (ranks 49-56) , then finally at Southwest.(ranks 57-64)



When: Every Sunday
Time: 12:00-17:00
Where: Parklands Tennis Centre, Moore Park
Cost: $15/Members, $20 Non Members.
Format: Doubles

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Raffle Winners

The Raffle Draw took place at Sunday Social on the 14th August and the winners were drawn from the hat. List Of Winners…

We thank you for your generosity in supporting this cause. A magnificent sum $627 was raised for the raffle and we thank Ray Lance who once again took over the raffle selling duties, we appreciate his time and unreserved effort.

All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to “twenty10”. a non-profit organisation which supports and works with young people, communities and families of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities.

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