Good times at the Pinkster Tournament



June 10-13, 2011

“You do realise that in Holland the spa is naked only”, she said at reception.

In the corner of my eye I saw the boyfriend’s eyes light up.

“Entry for two please”, I smiled.

And with that, we were in…

Having been eliminated in the singles in the third round and the quarter finals in the doubles, it was time to unwind and make the most of the amazing facilities at the Pinkster Tournament venue located in the beautiful Amsterdam Forest.  We were not going to get bored today amongst the hot and cold water plunge pools, the cold waterfall showers, the view from the restaurant looking onto a queue of many naked men and women waiting to be beaten lightly with birch twigs.  In Amsterdam anything goes!!

Out of the “Wellness Centre” we visited the gym and sauna (free for Pinkster competitors), the bar with Amstel beer priced at only two euro, relaxed on the many outdoor tables and beanbag seating, and of course were part of the action on the 21 outdoor clay courts or 11 indoor courts…

We had a great time.  The tournament with its 402 players from 21 countries ran like clockwork.  We played tennis in the heart of the historic city centre amidst century old canal houses to open the tournament; there were parties to celebrate the main draw, the sizzling Saturday night BBQ party, the Sunday night disco.  We survived them all.  From the handful of Aussies I encountered, I can report that they were having a good time chasing European tail…One delighted in coming home at 7 am each morning…but no names, I’m sworn to secrecy!


A highly recommended event 🙂